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& Universities

We are honored to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the prestigious colleges and universities that stand alongside us in support of our organization's mission. Their unwavering commitment to education, innovation, and community empowerment resonates deeply with our goals. Each institution brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication to our partnership.


Their collaborative spirit serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating our path as we work together to create a lasting impact. With the backing of these esteemed institutions, we are emboldened to continue our efforts to uplift and transform lives within our community.

University bust statue

CSU Bakersfield

CSU Dominguez Hills

CSU Fresno

CSU Los Angeles

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Monterey Bay

Cal State Northridge

Fisk University

Merritt Community College

San Diego State

San Francisco State University

Santa Clara University

Spelman College

St. Marys College of California

Stanislaus State

Texas Christian University TCU


University of Michigan

University of Oregon

University of San Francisco

University of Washington

Washington State

Thank you!

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